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D.R.: The diabolical Mr. Rogers

Don Rogers

Watch the http://www.vaildaily.com video today of Joe Staufer ” who might as well have carried the sign “World Ends Today” for the past couple of decades when it comes to progress in Vail ” and this fellow Don Rogers will almost singlehandedly bring about the sure end this time.

Rogers and his “one-sided” editorials supporting the razing and rebuilding of that aging complex Crossroads. That’s what Staufer blames the vote results on.

Never mind Mr. Ripley. This Rogers fellow is pure evil. His cell phone number must begin with the digits 666. Never mind council votes and planning commission recommendations, either. It will be Rogers who brings about the end, utter doom, having mind-melded the voters into approving what’s already been approved ” at about the same size as other new buildings in the same neighborhood, only with actual public benefits. The nerve!

Better hope the vote doesn’t ratify the Town Council’s decision to rebuild. This guy’s ego will soar through the roof. He won’t fit through doorways on account of his head swelling so large. And believe us in Eagle-Vail, in the building across Highway 6 from Paddy’s, that ego is big enough as it is.

Of course, we speak on good authority that Rogers doesn’t seriously believe all that. He, like your basic umpire, simply calls ’em as he sees them. Oh yes, he calls ’em loud enough for everyone to hear. (So he’s supposed to apologize for that?)

Joe, and a couple of others, judging by the e-mail traffic, would say this Rogers fellow exaggerates, lies! and has to have some ignoble purpose in favoring Crossroads (beyond the obvious, which is there’s no objective reason it shouldn’t be built at this point).

But these are the same folks getting sued for continued falsehoods about the dimensions of the Roost in West Vail, as if there were any connection to Crossroads. And not Joe, but some among his crowd have spread rather malicious gossip about the Crossroads owner and previous telecommunications work with pornographers. One of the worst of these gossipers ” who shall go unnamed here ” gives the evil editor a good belly laugh as this person impugns his very character and soul for the sin of not having the “correct” position on Crossroads.

Yes, it is surely a sin to laugh out loud at those e-mails. Rogers promises to stop. This really is not a game after all, and Vail is terribly, terribly complicated (though only to those lost in myopia and who remain unconvinced by those rumors that civilization exists west of Dowd Junction).

OK, this Rogers fellow really must have a cruel streak and surely takes little ” least of all himself ” with the proper seriousness.

But he ain’t wrong about the value of Crossroads being rebuilt according to the current plan. Whether Vail’s voters agree or not, that much is obvious, at least from the hinterlands west of Dowd Junction. And Rogers suspects in the middle of Vail, as well.

Put the credit where it’s due, though. Residents smart enough to see through the wailing, whispering and other nonsense.

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