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DA hasn’t shown everything

District Attorney Mark Hurlbert said the prosecution did not lay out its entire case during Kobe Bryant’s preliminary hearing and had no intention to do so.

The preliminary hearing is to determine only whether probable cause exists and that Bryant’s case should be sent along to trial.

“Probable cause is a low standard and no prosecutor puts on an entire case in a preliminary hearing,” Hurlbert said to reporters after the preliminary hearing ended Wednesday afternoon. “What you saw was a sanitized version of the evidence.”

With a nod to the court of public opinion and the media, Hurlbert said that’s not his most important audience.

“My intention was never to try this case in the media,” said Hurlbert. “My intention was to try this case before an Eagle County jury of 12.

“I am confident the judge will bind it over, and I’m confident in the people’s case versus Kobe Bean Bryant.”

Hurlbert said he spoke to the victim and her family, and she’s “doing OK.”

Eagle County Sheriff’s Detective Doug Winters told reporters he thinks the Sheriff’s Office investigation was thorough.

“When you investigate cases like this, you ask the pertinent questions – who, what, when, where, why and how,” said Winters. “I feel that we asked and answered those questions.”

Denver defense attorney Craig Silverman remains unconvinced.

“I don’t think the case should have been filed,” said Silverman. “I spent 16 years as a prosecutor, and this is not an easy road for her, nor for the people who had sex with her. They know who they are, and they will be called to testify.”

“The prosecution would do Mr. Bryant and the alleged victim a favor by dismissing this case at this point.”

Victoria Ricke, who was rolling through from Iowa when she and a friend stopped to take in the spectacle, said Bryant could have solved most of his own problems, even after his admitted adultery.

“Mr. Bryant’s T-shirt is a little like Bill Clinton’s blue dress, she said. “Clinton should have gotten rid of that blue dress, and Mr. Bryant should have gotten rid of that T-shirt.”

And which way does she see it going?

“For now, I have to lean a little bit toward him having done it,” she said. “We’ll see once the trial starts and she has to testify.”

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