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DA makes his job harder

Don Rogers

How to make sense of the Kobe Bryant spectacle at the courthouse this week? Is that even possible?

The judge was not amused with the prosecutors, procrastinating on replies to what seem to be pertinent points that involve the alleged victim in the most horrifyingly intimate ways possible and failing to turn over evidence as ordered. The public shouldn’t be amused, either, frankly. Residents should at least be able to expect basic competence in the biggest case to hit this county in its history. If not for this case, when exactly does this District Attorney’s Office finally step up to the plate?

The personal attorney for the alleged victim was not amused by the defense contention that she had sexual contact with someone after the incident with Bryant, to the point he might have flouted a standing gag order on commenting about the case in public.

The alleged victim and her family cannot possibly be amused at the judge’s ruling that some very personal questions about her sexual habits can be asked. A small solace will be that this hearing will be held out of the public’s view as the judge weighs how much, if any, is worthy of being admitted in the trial.

Oh, the trial. Pray tell when that will be. This summer? Fall, the following summer?

Meantime, speculation runs rampant over whether the defense team has facts to support its claims about her sexual activity or this is some sort of rhetorical show that will collapse under scrutiny. The truly tough part has been the defense has thus far proved more credible than the People.

Maybe the state Supreme Court will bail out the prosecutors. Simply meeting the trial judge’s expectations would seem to be the wiser course, though.

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