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DA to retest DNA evidence

In an unusual move, prosecutors are retesting some of the DNA evidence they hope will help convict NBA star Kobe Bryant of sexual assault.District Attorney Mark Hurlbert informed District Judge Terry Ruckriegle late last week that the prosecution intends to seek further DNA analysis at an independent lab.It was the first item of business Ruckriegle addressed during Thursday’s pretrial hearings. He said he received the prosecution’s request last Friday.The DNA evidence was already analyzed by the Colorado Bureau of Investigation. CBI Director Robert Cantwell said he has never heard of DNA evidence being retested, but that doesn’t mean it has never happened.”I can’t speak to what has happened in the rest of the country, but in my five years in Colorado I don’t know of any instances,” said Cantwell. “Of course, when we’re finished with it, the evidence is returned to the law enforcement agency from which it came. After that, we’re not aware of what happens to it.”Hurlbert said the lab he’s using usually takes five to six weeks to finish this kind of testing. He said for an additional fee it could be completed in 10 days, but that to save the taxpayers money, he’d prefer to wait.Ruckriegle said this was an unexpected development and told him to spend the money and get the testing done quickly. He cited Hurlbert’s statements asking for a quick trial and said this is the kind of thing keeping that from happening.Bryant’s defense asked that the testing be done as quickly as possible and reminded the court that the CBI does its testing for free.Ruckriegle ordered that the DNA evidence be delivered to the new lab by Wednesday, the testing completed by June 18, and the report on his desk by June 28. He ordered any motions regarding the findings by July 2, and responses by July 9.

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