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Daily Editorial: At least remember trash day

Vail Daily Editorial Board
Vail CO, Colorado

Here’s a simple step to ease our bear problem ” or make that more accurately our people problem: Just remember that trash pickup day is delayed 24 hours when there’s a holiday that week.

An irate caller last week called out the community of forgetful residents who put their trash out for pickup on the usual day last week. That left the bear magnets out that much longer for the bruins to get into.

We like to play at being conscientious about our responsibilities living in paradise, where the wild creatures quite literally roam through our backyards and we profess to be so, so concerned about the future of the environment.

Only, we don’t quite live up to our values as a community. Something as simple as remembering to place the can out for pickup the day after the usual pickup day on holiday weeks escapes too many of us.

So does recycling, only marginally more difficult to manage. There are recycling centers close to all of us, and they are simple enough to use if we’re serious about our responsibilities as aware citizens.

Green building practices are great. Same with driving smaller vehicles with better gas mileage. Buying wind credits and similar carbon offsets look more dubious by the day, but that’s better than nothing if far from installing actual solar panels or windmills that actually generate power.

Meantime, the second-home folks keep the lights on and their driveways heated when no one is home, along with the Hummer in the garage, and more planes fly in and out of Eagle County while we profess to worry about global warming.

Yes, it sure is easy to lapse into cynicism when citizens can’t even manage to remember the holiday schedule for trash day ” never mind real steps toward responsible living.

Maybe we could start by at least marking the calendar. Is that too much?

” Don Rogers for the Editorial Board

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