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Daily editorial: Banish the plastic bag

Matt Zalaznick
Vail Daily Editorial Board
Vail, CO Colorado

Would you be as likely to forget your reusable cloth shopping bags if it added several dollars to your grocery bill? Would you be more likely to buy a dozen cloth bags if you got taxed for carrying your food home in those indestructible (ecologically speaking ) plastic bags?

Probably not.

If you want plastic bags at supermarkets in Ireland, it costs you an extra 33 cents a piece. The result? Not irritated shoppers but a new fad, according to the New York Times.

Cloth bags have became a bit of a status symbol, reporter Derek Speirs says, while plastic bags have become as uncool as fur coats.

Vail, Eagle County, Colorado ” the federal government ” should pass a similar tax. Because society can be swayed on issues like this: Who, for instance, doesn’t wear their seatbelts when they drive? Who makes it an issue of personal freedom anymore?

And the tax can be easily avoided ” not by evading the IRS or declaring oneself a sovereign nation outside the fiscal purview of Washington D.C. and stockpiling small arms ” but by doing the right thing.

What a simple step to get those ugly bags out of the landfill, the branches of our trees and off our streets and lawns.

Individuals can’t shut down power plants or stop China from spewing poison into the atmosphere, but we can, and must take simple steps ” such as using cloth shopping bags, along with recycling and installing fluorescent light bulbs ” to make sure we can continue to live healthily on our planet.

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