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Daily Editorial: Bear problems fixed?

Vail Daily Editorial
Vail CO, Colorado

Vail so far has been spared the bear problems that neighboring towns like Aspen and Glenwood Springs have seen.

It would be nice to give all the credit to local residents and to laws requiring bear-proof containers. But that doesn’t seem to be the case.

There have been no reports of bears breaking into people’s homes in Vail, but Vail police say they still are getting as many bear calls as they did last year.

Earlier this summer, a family living near the River Oaks Condominiums complex in Eagle-Vail was so worried about bears coming by to feast on neigborhood trash that their son wasn’t allowed to camp in his own backyard. And while most Vail residents and property owners have purchased the bear-proof cans required by the town’s new law, in some cases the cans are left open during the day. Vail police have issued 42 tickets and 320 warnings for violating the law.

So, perhaps its mere luck that Vail hasn’t had to put a bear down for breaking into someone’s home.

Keeping trash out of the hands of bears certainly is inconvenient. In Vail, it requires trash cans with lids so heavy that there is a fear that someone could get hurt using them. Beginning next month, Eagle-Vail residents will be required to purchase and use similar containers.

It would be better if the trash company could find and supply residents with trash containers that are easier to use. But Town Councilman Farrow Hitt, after being warned for violating the bear-proof trash can law himself, figured out a way to make the bins safer to use. It cost him $10 to install a rope and pulley system that makes opening and closing the can lid easier.

It doesn’t seem too much to ask other residents to do the same; especially if it could prevent a bear from being a threat to humans.

” Tamara Miller for the Editorial Board

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