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Daily Editorial: Blacked out

Vail Daily Editorial Board
Vail CO, Colorado

We predict that local watering holes are going to do very well on Thursday night.

That’s when the Broncos head down to the Lone Star State to take on the Houston Texans.

Of course, the bars always like it when the Broncos play, but Thursday should be a bigger draw than usual. That’s because the game is being televised on the NFL Network.

So unless you have a satellite dish at home or live in Denver (where the game will be on local television), you won’t be able to see the Broncos try to keep their playoff hopes alive, short of the trip to your bar of choice.

The NFL is putting regular-season games on its like-named network to force local cable systems to pick up the channel. Naturally, the cost of the NFL Network ” probably $1 per month ” gets passed along to you, the consumer, if this comes to pass.

Doesn’t the NFL make money hand over fist? Sorry, rhetorical question. No amount of money is ever enough the NFL, easily the most profitable and dominant business on America’s sports landscape.

Just remember, though, that NFL owners make $1 million per year before selling a single ticket. That’s because the league makes sure that the salary cap, the amount of money each team pays to its players, is always a million big ones less that the share each team receives from its annual take of TV revenue.

The NFL Network televising/monopolizing games like Thursday’s is simply a shameless grab for more money by the league, which is already happily drowning in green. And when it comes at the expense of loyal Broncos fans,

who have more than helped fuel the NFL’s prosperity, it’s even more disgraceful.

That having been said, we’re saving a bar stool for you.

” Chris Freud for the Editorial Board

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