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Daily Editorial: Clean break this election season

Vail Daily Editorial Board
Vail CO, Colorado

How refreshing, an election season free of ugly postcards, personal attacks and partisan rhetoric.

This is how it should be, always. Thoughtful candidates for the Eagle County School Board and Vail Town Council are managing to debate the actual issues without rancor.

The discussions about tax measures in Vail, Eagle-Vail and Singletree are proceeding without wicked exaggeration, impugned characters or even some of the outright lying that has marred other recent elections.

So far, so good, although we’re mindful there’s time yet for the stresses of elections looming closer and closer to inspire ugliness.

This is the way all our election seasons should go. Have those healthy debates, but free of that politics in the pejorative.

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This is how it can be when no “D” or “R” is at stake or involved. This is why the county would have been better served with non-partisan elected officials for local offices and local issues that don’t have much to do with the things that seem to matter so much to the political parties.

We’ve been impressed with the candidates for the Vail Town Council and school board.

The school board candidates, as they almost always are, show deep interest in education and detailed knowledge too. None are anti-TAP program zealots, all seeing a need for tweaking the system rather than tearing it apart.

Likewise the Vail Town Council candidates are coming forward out of love for their community. Some are more knowledgeable than others, but we don’t see a flake in the bunch this year.

Perhaps all this makes the election season less thrilling than some others, but we’ll take a more sober and serious debate over the low meanness that has punctuated campaigns in the recent past.

Besides, all that no doubt will return in 2008, with the partisan contests for president and county commissioners.

” Don Rogers for the Editorial Board

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