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Daily Editorial: Don’t overlook Eagle, Minturn elections

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Vail CO, Colorado

Obama. Giuliani. Recession. Clinton. Romney. McCain. Iraq. Huckabee. Minturn’s private ski resort. Health care. Eagle River Station.

What? Minturn? Eagle River Station? Well, a pair of small, local ballots ” months before we pick a new president ” could have a big impact on those two projects, and voters concerned about Minturn and Eagle shouldn’t overlook their town elections in April.

In Minturn, Hawkeye Flaherty’s mayor’s post and the seats of councilman George Brodin, Jerry Bumgarner, and Tom Sullivan are up for grabs. The town doesn’t have term limits, so all four men can run for re-election.

The project looming over Minturn is the private ski and golf community ” including 1,700 homes ” the Ginn Development Co. wants to build. The council has said it would like to vote before the election on whether to annex the land where the project would be built south of town.

Even if this council votes and even if they say “yes,” the next council will have plenty of influence on the project. So residents should look to elect candidates who best reflect their opinions on this massive project that’s likely to have a major impact on the small town.

In Eagle, the mayor’s and three council seats are also open. Again, a huge project ” the Eagle River Station retail and residential complex ” hangs over the town.

The Town Board had talked about voting on the project before the election, but delays have made that unlikely. That means the next board will have a do-or-die-sized influence on a project that could bring traffic and tax revenue to Eagle.

Whatever your opinion of these two projects, and no matter how many public hearings are held, voting for candidates who share your views is about the biggest impact you can have on these projects ” unless the project themselves head to the ballot.

So, while Clinton attacks Giuliani or Romney smears Obama, don’t forget about your responsibility to your town and yourself.”

” Matt Zalaznick for the Editorial Board

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