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Daily Editorial: Endorsing not about ‘winning’

Vail Daily Editorial Board
Vail CO, Colorado

If the Daily’s political endorsements were a day at the track, we’d have won big with the Vail Town Council and lost our shirts in the other races this week.

Four of our five Vail Town Council recommendations were elected. Vail voters, by 33 votes, accepted the town construction material tax even though we concluded the town had not made a strong enough case for it.

Eagle-Vail residents rather overwhelmingly went for their tax increase over our advice to turn it down in hopes of a better thought-out plan submitted in the future.

And just one of three school board candidates we endorsed made the cut with the voters.

Of course, formal recommendations about candidates and ballot measures are not bets. Whether from a group such as the local chamber of commerce, union or newspaper, endorsements inevitably reflect the interests and insights of the body issuing them.

The point is not to pretend to act as kingmaker or try to glom onto “winners.”

Thankfully for all of us, Eagle County’s voters are perfectly capable of making up their own minds come election time.

That said, we do take our responsibility to share our thinking about candidates and measures seriously. We do have a unique vantage on the body politic, after all.

We offer our recommendations in the spirit of discussion and perhaps an insight or two from covering local government regularly. We hope that thinking about why you agree or disagree with our endorsements helps clarify your choices in the ballot box.

We don’t have to “win.” That’s not even close to the point. You making informed choices is how the community wins, however our recommendations fare in the horse race.

” Don Rogers for the Editorial Board

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