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Daily Editorial: Feds have failed us

Vail Daily Editorial Board
Vail CO, Colorado

Anyone concerned about illegal immigration should be livid that federal agents couldn’t bother to respond to two separate calls to pick up illegal immigrants recently contacted by our local police.

There isn’t much our Sheriff’s deputies can do about illegal immigrants when they are guilty of nothing more than minor traffic infractions. The county detention center is so overcrowded, jail officials say, that only those arrested on suspicion of felonies, domestic violence, outstanding warrants or who seem dangerous are jailed.

It is the job of U.S. immigration officials to enforce the federal laws meant to protect our borders. There’s been little explanation from Immigrations and Customs officials for why they did not respond to calls to pick up 26 illegal immigrants who were stopped in Eagle County more than a week ago. In fact, a spokesman for the agency seemed to suggest that Immigrations and Customs were never contacted ” even though local deputies insist that they were.

The message to us local folks is that illegal immigration isn’t that big of a priority to the federal government.

We already know that, though. Our representatives in Congress obviously don’t think illegal immigration is important enough to put aside their partisan bickering and pandering to extremists and agree on a comprehensive immigration reform policy.

Immigration officials seem more concerned with making sure law-abiding foreign

national have to jump through years’ worth of hoops to get into our country than trying to keep tabs on the illegal immigrants who bypassed the legal system to get in.

In the meantime, ridiculously low quotas on foreign worker visas mean that many of our local businesses won’t be able to fill several open positions this winter. Tensions continue to grow between frustrated American citizens and illegal immigrants, whose presence in our country is thanks in part to their own government’s failures. It’s also a concern to all of us that people who are in our country illegally and breaking laws ” even minor ones ” are essentially let off the hook.

Makes you wonder why local police bother to call the feds at all.

” Tamara Miller for the Editorial Board

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