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Daily Editorial: Follow your own law

Daily file photoSimba Run Complex Manager Farrow Hitt, who is also a Vail Town councilman, is violating a town ordinance he helped pass by rigging open the lids of his bear-proof trash containers.

It takes guts to defy a highly publicized bear law when the town’s in a tizzy about the big, mean animals breaking into people’s homes.

It takes something more than guts to defy that law when you’re one of the town councilmen who helped pass the law.

Vail’s Farrow Hitt has flouted his own ordinance by leaving the lid open during the day on the bear-proof Dumpster at Simba Run, the condominium complex he manages in West Vail.

His two reasons ” bears don’t feed as much during the day and the heavy lid could take someone’s hand off ” are flimsy. And the message his behavior sends is that he is above his own law.

First of all, bears visit our neighborhoods during the day. The Vail Daily alone has countless photos to prove this.

Secondly, the weight of the lid is part of what makes Dumpsters bear-proof, which is why Hitt and his fellow councilmembers required them in the first place.

Thirdly, everyone from the Colorado Division of Wildlife to local police say bear reports are down this summer, the first year Vail required bear-proof garbage cans.

The bear law received a lot of support when it was passed. Residents saw it as an added expense, but one that would protect them, their families and, most importantly, those who have the most to lose as homes sprawl into the forest ” the wildlife so many of us cherish.

And the residents have managed not to have their arms severed by the heavy lids.

Hitt’s Dumpster defiance says some of us can ignore laws we find inconvenient.

It says some of us ” at least those in positions of local power ” don’t have to share in the sacrifice of lifting heavier garbage can lids.

” Matt Zalaznick for the Editorial Board

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