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Daily Editorial: Just senseless

Vail Daily Editorial Board
Vail CO, Colorado

An Arizona teacher is suspended from her job after a cell-phone-camera video of her doing a cheerleading routine in class shows up on YouTube.

A Kentucky teacher is being investigated after photos no racier than those found in a Vail Undressed calendar are discovered on the teacher’s personal Web site.

The chief architect of the nation’s capitol refuses a request to include the word “God” in a memorial flag plaque to be paid for by the grandson of a war veteran.

If the above isn’t proof we’ve taken leave of our collective senses, it’s darned close.

Why are so many of us so easily offended these days? Similarly, why does the fear of the mere possibility of causing offense prompt actions like suspending teachers, or launching investigations, or denying an acknowledgment of a deity?

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In a time when we’re bombarded by the truly offensive ” terrorist attacks, child predators committing unspeakable acts on the Internet, Geraldo Rivera ” why does so much seemingly innocuous stuff bring so much ear-splitting shrieking from the easily offended?

Locals aren’t immune from “why is this a problem?” syndrome, of course. A random week’s work of Web comments, letters or Tipsline items would contain at least a couple of items from people who clearly don’t have enough actual problems.

Don’t look for answers to the syndrome here. But in a country with an alleged live-and-let-live heritage, it wouldn’t hurt to worry less about the damaging effects to children of a fully-clothed cheerleading routine in class and perhaps more about their on-line habits, or any number of real potential problems they, or we, might face.

” Scott N. Miller for the Editorial Board

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