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Daily Editorial: Let’s watch our mouths

Vail Daily Editorial Board
Vail CO, Colorado

Last weekend at the final Snow Daze concert, Ludacris reportedly said he’d agreed to keep things clean, and for the most part, he did. But while he skipped the four-letter words, the audience didn’t ” they sang them aloud, as did the background music from the DJ’s turntable.

Though it’s slightly odd to invite a rapper who fills his albums with profanity to Vail and then ask him not to cuss, we appreciate that he didn’t since the show was billed as an all-ages event.

The topic of profanity made headlines this week when a nun in Michigan read aloud a list of cuss words and phrases she won’t tolerate to a class of fifth- through eighth-graders after Mass one day. The Detroit Free Press reported that, while some parents applauded, others were appalled.

We’ve even had to delete a few comments that were posted to the Vail Daily’s Web site because some users couldn’t find a way to make their argument without using a few four-letter words.

For the record, we encourage heated debate on our site, but is it too much to ask that you leave the salty language out of the public realm?

Swear words aren’t reserved for adult company and bar talk anymore, that much is obvious, but it’s a sad commentary on life when swearing is such an everyday part of people’s lives that we have to ask for the profanity to be toned down at a public concert or even at a Catholic school.

It’s an important reminder to us all to watch our mouths, especially around children.

” Caramie Schnell for the Editorial Board

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