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Daily Editorial: Make room for buses

Vail Daily Editorial
Vail CO, Colorado

NIMBYs beware. There actually are people in your backyard.

Eagle County is trying to figure out the best way to organize a hub for mass transit in Edwards, an unincorporated area that, by means of its central location and astonishing growth, has found itself with an unexpected number of vehicularly disenfranchised individuals. They have to ride the bus.

The county’s bus system makes occasional stops in Miller Ranch, one of Edwards’ dense residential areas. With the prohibitive price of driving these days, many residents of other parts of Edwards, such as Singletree and Lake Creek, have to travel as much as a couple of miles to get to a bus stop, so you’d think the residents of Miller Ranch had it easy.

Not so. The stop at Miller Ranch requires buses to pull slowly into the neighborhood, stop and then rev their engines to get back out. It’s pretty noisy.

So rather than be thankful for the convenience of having one of Edwards’ few bus stops, some Miller Ranch residents say they would rather do without the air brakes and questionable crowds conglomerating outside their doors. Fair enough.

But the county has to put bus stops, and ultimately a hub, somewhere. They should be seen as amenities, not annoyances.

If you don’t ride buses, if you’d rather wake up five minutes before you have to be at work and hop in your car, then do it. Drive that gas hog wherever you’d like.

But realize that those annoying buses that are so inconvenient are also helping to save this community you love so much from traffic, smog and the death of its tourist industry. And they are a blessing to those around you who personally do their part to fight those scourges. Be a good neighbor, and please, compromise.

” Evan Gibbard for the Editorial Board

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