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Daily Editorial: Make sure to savor the day

Vail Daily Editorial Board
Vail CO, Colorado

Whether from heaven or coincidence, we all have blessings to count.

Might as well count them over dinner with family or friends, or both.

Thanksgiving is the simple, humble holiday of the season. It’s also the marker of that last calm before the shopping storm, if you call whipping up the annual feast and cleaning the wake of pots and dishes “calm.”

But you know what we mean.

The tradition is one of the key touchstones of the year, what brightens the eye at the airport as the kids hold up their homemade sign welcoming Grandma and Grandpa to Colorado.

It’s the prodigal college student returned home for a few days. What, no snow? Here’s a rake. We’ve been missing you.

It’s a family tradition to all meet out in Colorado, snow or no snow, before the communities or resorts are super crowded as they are during Christmas.

And for some, eying a long season once the snow does fly, this is that chance to visit home before things get really hectic.

Let the holiday be a break from worry about the snow, Iraq, housing bubble, credit crunch, cost of gas, fear of recession and all that. The cycles will play out with or without your angst; we can count on that much.

Let’s focus on our family time, which is much too ephemeral as it is in our modern day busy-ness.

Have another helping, continue the conversation just a little longer. We’ll be back to the grind all too soon.

” Don Rogers for the Editorial Board

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