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Daily Editorial: No Oscar for Vail

Vail Daily Editorial Board
Vail CO, Colorado

What has the town of Vail got against modern cinema?

While council members and candidates continue to talk about the need to keep Vail a “real” town, locals and visitors are almost out of luck when it comes to seeing a movie east of Dowd Junction ” unless they have a Netflix account.

The are no movie theaters left, and recently the ski resort town that insists it’s not Disney World lost its last free-standing video store. Blockbuster has made way for, surprise, another real estate office.

Now, if the market demands Realtors over acne-riddled teenagers urging you to rent the latest Japanese animation masterpiece, then so be it.

But a town with no movies other than a cold, robotic new releases kiosk at City Market or the outdated VHS rentals at Eagle Valley Music? That seems like less of a town then say, Edwards, which clings to its small movie theater and video store.

Remember, when it comes to everyday art and culture, Vail also has only a single bookstore and no community theater space.

And it doesn’t seem like great customer service ” telling tourists that they should cram their own DVDs into their ski-gear-stuffed suitcases when coming to this authentic little ski town.

Hopefully, film buffs will get relief in 2009 when the Solaris complex and its movie theater are supposed to open.

Drinking schnapps and watching heated streets melt snow might excite some folks. Others may be mesmerized by fire-breathing fountains.

But we think most of our locals and guests, after a great day on the slopes, would rather gobble up a bucket of popcorn in front the latest episode of Spiderman or Pirates of the Caribbean.

That’s the kind of thing you do in a real town.

” Matt Zalaznick for the Editorial Board

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