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Daily Editorial: No to 5A’s blank check

Vail Daily Editorial Board
Vail CO, Colorado

Eagle-Vail’s Referendum 5A is a closer call than advocates and opponents would like to admit.

The neighborhood’s metropolitan district board would like to continue the current property tax rate after bonds are paid off.

Critics complain about a “tax increase” and supporters point to the rate staying the same.

Both are right, of course, rendering this bit of hollering moot.

If you own property in Eagle-Vail, your tax bill rises if the rate stays the same. The jump in assessed value this year means all of our taxes are headed significantly up if our local governments insist on keeping their rates the same. We foresee quite a bit of complaining when those bills arrive, too.

Eagle-Vail’s board members see the repairs they could afford for the pool, the pavilion and the golf course, as well as being able to afford a new recreation path they want to complete and to build new tennis courts.

That all seems to make sense. You can see how improving the community facilities raises the quality of life in the neighborhood.

Some residents are troubled by the concept of an open-ended commitment and a certain vagueness in what the board would do with the extra revenue once the stated goals are achieved.

That bothers us, too, frankly. Therefore, we recommend voting no on 5A.

We’re convinced that Eagle-Vail needs to repair its pool and improve the golf course. Completing the rec path and building the tennis courts sound fine, too.

But the more responsible means toward those goals is to figure out the costs and put forward a plan to pay for them and then end the tax, just as they have done with the bond soon to be paid in full.

The board can do better than asking for a blank check. The voters should insist on that.

” Don Rogers for the Editorial Board

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