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Daily Editorial: Now for the resolutions

Vail Daily Editorial Board
Vail CO, Colorado

With Christmas now behind us, a lot of people start thinking about NewYear’s Day and its inevitable resolutions. While good-intentioned, most won’t last until Groundhog Day.

The problem, it seems, is that most resolutions are so lofty, and, face it, friends, we’re weak. So, instead of grand pronouncements, why not set smaller goals?

You know, instead of going vegetarian all at once, just have a salad once in a while. That sort of thing.

In that spirit, we’d ask all the presidential candidates to go just one day without claiming they’ll solve all the world’s problems in their first three months in office. It’s a start.

We’d also ask the cable and network TV news types to go just one day without looking at a poll.

It might be too much to ask the same folks, at least early in the year, to go an an entire news cycle without focusing on non-issues like a candidate’s haircut or high school GPA and homing in on real issues.

Congress, sadly, might be beyond even the smallest example of looking out for the people they represent instead of their own interests.

But they could start regaining the public trust by swearing off earmark allocations.

Locally, it would be nice to see the Avon Town Council and the developers of the Traer Creek project to hold their next meeting without blaming one another for something.

This is asking a lot, but, again, let’s start with baby steps.

Instead of grand pronouncements about the need for five more Miller Ranch housing projects, let’s find the land for one more.

We still like the idea of using the old Battle Mountain High School campus, but that’s just us.

For us regular folks, let’s get one more day on the mountain after a nice, deep snowfall.

Finally, let’s all take some small, but significant steps to take a little better care of each other, in person, on-line and on the roads. One example: Use your turn signal!

That’s a resolution worth keeping.

” Scott Miller for the Editorial Board

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