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Daily Editorial: Stop driving us crazy

Vail Daily Editorial Board
Vail CO, Colorado

Bring the Department of Motor Vehicles back to Eagle County. The sooner, the better.

Taking off work or school to drive to Glenwood Springs or Frisco for a driver’s license ranges from incredibly inconvenient to downright impossible. Many of us have to scramble work schedules or take time off to renew our licenses. Those of us unable or unwilling to make those adjustments are driving around with expired driver’s licenses or licenses with old, inaccurate addresses. Neither scenario is good for cops or us.

New drivers also say their schools aren’t too happy about them missing some valuable class time to get a license, either.

The state should be able to staff a driver’s license office in Eagle County. State budget cuts prompted officials to close 25 DMV offices in the state, including our local office in Avon. Since then, the Department of Motor Vehicles has re-opened three of those offices, but all are in metro areas on the Front Range.

That means we Eagle County folks need to come up with our own funds to staff a local office, though the state will help some by providing equipment and some money for a local office.

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Eagle County is leading the effort to rally local funds to staff that office and we hope our town officials will find some room in their 2008 budgets to contribute to the cause. Having to drive 40 minutes to get a license doesn’t rise to the level of concern as say, not having enough cops or firefighters to protect us. But it affects all of us who drive ” and that’s a lot of taxpayers ” and that should be enough to make this project a priority.

” Tamara Miller for the Editorial Board

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