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Daily Editorial: Thanks for listening, CDOT

Vail Daily Editorial Board
Vail CO, Colorado

Bureaucracy isn’t usually known for being receptive to complaints and to an even lesser extent, willing to make changes in response to those complaints.

But the Colorado Department of Transportation has shown it can do both by listening to the concerns about construction in Dowd Junction this summer and by promising to do something about it.

Blaming the construction for the death of Dustin Scriver, of Eagle won’t get us anywhere. Scriver died in August when a semi-truck rammed his vehicle from behind while it was stopped in Dowd Junction construction traffic. The project did not cause Scriver’s death, but many who drove that stretch of road daily say there weren’t enough signs warning drivers coming down Vail Pass of the potential traffic jam ahead.

At times the construction traffic was so bad that it would take upwards of an hour to get from Vail to Avon. Vail businesses say shoppers were so inconvenienced by the construction traffic that they opted to spend their money elsewhere.

In response to those concerns, transportation officials put up more signs warning drivers of the construction traffic ahead. They also have vowed to do things differently next summer, such as scheduling the paving for after Labor Day, when summer traffic has died down, and doing some of the construction work elsewhere before installing it on the road.

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All this talk is encouraging. We look forward to seeing those words put into action next year.

” Tamara Miller for the Editorial Board

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