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Daily Editorial: What crisis?

Vail Daily Editorial Board
Vail CO, Colorado

You have to love the United Nations.

Word broke recently that the august representatives of the world’s governments will be holding a “global climate conference” this month.

You might think the conference would be in New York, since the United Nations’ headquarters, staff, and ambassadors are there already. You would be wrong.

Instead, several hundred representatives ” and scores of media types ” will climb aboard big, carbon dioxide-belching airliners for a two-week conference on the tropical Pacific island of Bali, about as far from New York as anywhere on the globe.

From this tropical oasis, we will certainly hear grand pronouncements about the need to rein in humankind’s greenhouse gas emissions, no matter the cost to local or global economies. We’re also just about guaranteed to hear other grand pronouncements about the role of the evil industrialized world.

All from sunny, tropical, isolated Bali.

It used to be that only John Birch Society members clamored for the United States to get the heck out of the United Nations. These days, given the group’s various financial scandals, its insistence on putting countries including Sudan on the human rights commission and its general dithering in the face of any number of real crises across the globe, why on earth is any sane nation’s government involved with this pack of preening knotheads?

We sure won’t get the answer to that from Bali.

” Scott Miller for the Editorial Board

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