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Daily Editorial: Why we should vote

Vail Daily Editorial Board
Vail CO, Colorado

Few will take up the role, of course, but local elections are where the public has the most control over governments that affect our daily lives quite directly. We each have a responsibility to study up on the issues and candidates so that we can make the wisest vote.

Sounds onerous, doesn’t it? But we each have a deep interest in how our local governments perform, even if we don’t live within their borders and vote.

Vail, for instance, has five of seven Town Council seats to fill. The council could change direction or continue along the same path, depending on who wins those seats.

Vail also seeks to pass another sales tax, this one on construction materials used in the town. Builders don’t much like the idea. But Eagle and Gypsum are among roughly half of Colorado’s municipalities that have such a tax, and their growth is the fastest in the valley.

The school board has contested elections this year, a bit of a rarity. Three of seven seats are up for grabs this year.

The district has almost completely turned over its administration, and with an interim school chief has the large, large task of finding just the right person to lead the district in the future.

Singletree seeks a small tax increase to widen sidewalks and bury power lines ” certainly important considerations if you happen to live there.

Eagle-Vail residents are considering using property taxes to help build recreation facilities as well.

We’re blissfully free of the usual obnoxious statewide measures this election season. Too bad that can’t be the case every year with questions that nearly always lead to unintended trouble when voters are foolish enough to pass them.

Best to leave these questions to the state Legislature.

Not as sexy as a presidential election, sure, but these little municipal votes have more to do with everyday life in our community than that.

So please, take the time to study and then vote. It is important that you do, for all of our sakes.

” Don Rogers for the Editorial Board

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