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Daily’s Obama bias

Ron Ownby, Gypsum

Why doesn’t the Vail Daily get it over with and endorse Obama now and then you will have seven weeks to do stories daily about how wonderful he is?

The Democratic National Convention coverage by the Daily was 14-and-half pages and the Republican National Convention was eight-and-one-quarter. (Yes, to prove how really anal I am, I have the page numbers.) OK, I’ll cut you some slack since the DNC was in Denver; but I have to ask, what was with that “dog” report from the DNC? The genius who approved that should be transferred to the proofreading department of classified ads !

Then there’s the recent front page (Sept. 7, “Hasan spends 190K). Where were the same headlines when Polis spent $5.3 million to buy his congressional seat? And so what? It’s their money, not taxpayer money!

The Vail Daily is in the same tank for Obama as the AP, New York Times, NBC, and most all of the cable channels. It’s blatant and pathetic.

Obama’s entire campaign is media-driven.His qualifications and experience would hardly make him qualified to be the editor of the Vail Daily; additionally, according to three Democratic congresspersons, Obama “was sent here by God to be president” and God would be pretty PO’ed if he settled for the editor job at the Vail Daily !

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