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Daley blasts Cook County Republicans for indictment reward offer:

CHICAGO – Mayor Richard Daley assailed the head of the Cook County Republican Party on Wednesday for offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to Daley’s indictment and conviction.The Daley administration has taken a hit lately as federal prosecutors have widened their investigation of City Hall to include its hiring practices. The Democratic mayor has not been accused of any wrongdoing.Daley called Cook County Republican Party Chairman Gary Skoien’s reward idea “deeply offensive” and “completely over the top.””These are challenging, difficult times. But no one, no one, whether in public life or anyone, ever should put a bounty on someone else’s head,” Daley said. “That stunt was below the belt.”The reward offer follows last week’s announcement by federal prosecutors that they had charged two City Hall officials with rigging the city’s hiring system to flout a court order that bars City Hall from considering politics when filling most city jobs.Daley reacted to the charges by proposing that municipal hiring be turned over to an independent commission.The case is an outgrowth of an ongoing federal investigation of bribes being given in return for jobs in a $38 million program in which the city outsourced hauling work. Twenty-one people have pleaded guilty in that probe.

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