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Daly, Rogers win re-election in Vail

Lauren Glendenning
Vail, CO Colorado
CVR Election Results DT 11-8-11

VAIL, Colorado – The next Vail Town Council is a council of familiar faces – two Vail Town Council incumbents, Andy Daly and Margaret Rogers, will return to the council next week, and two former members, Greg Moffet and Ludwig Kurz, are also back.

All of the winners gathered at the Bully Ranch Tuesday night to celebrate the results. The four winners happened to be awaiting the results together, making the event all the more joyous when they learned that everyone at the party had won.

The top three vote-getters – Daly, Rogers and Kurz, respectively – will serve four-year terms, while Moffet, who came in fourth in terms of votes, will serve a two-year term.

“I’m very flattered and I’m pleased,” said Daly, who received the most votes with 644. “I’ve worked hard, I think, to protect voters’ best interests and to drive the economy of the town, so I was very pleased (with the results).”

The message the voters sent to the town of Vail Tuesday is that experience counts, Rogers said.

“We’ve come through a really hard path and now I think we need to maintain what we’ve achieved in the past and we need to take it forward,” Rogers said, adding that the learning curve on the Ever Vail application alone would have been almost too much for an inexperienced council person to take on within a reasonable period of time.

Kurz, who was mayor in the late 1990s through early 2000s, lost a run for the Town Council in 2009. He said Tuesday night that it feels a lot better to win.

“I’m very excited about it,” Kurz said. “The voters elected correctly, and I say that because I think they elected experience, which at this time in Vail’s life is important.”

The Vail Town Council election season was rather quiet this year as controversial issues were few and far between. Voters casting ballots at the Vail municipal building Tuesday seemed content with how things are going. There wasn’t any specific issue that seemed to motivate voters to head to the polls, which is a departure from elections in recent memory.

The final numbers show turnout, including mail-in ballots, was 934 – lower than it typically is, but not significantly lower.

Vi Brown, one of the election judges, said she thought turnout was pretty good this year.

“People care about the town council and the ballot question,” Brown said.

Voter Elizabeth Eber chose to vote for just three candidates. She said she couldn’t decide about the others and “wasn’t really excited” about any of the remaining four. She didn’t reveal which candidates got her votes.

Chris Gilbert chose candidates who he felt would look after the community and not just the part-time homeowners. He feels the middle-class community voice has been lacking on the council in recent years.

“It’s been on-again, off-again,” Gilbert said.

Colleen McCarthy was one of the voters who chose Rogers and Daly.

“They’ve done a nice job and should continue,” McCarthy said.

McCarthy also wanted to see Stephen Connolly elected because of his background in marketing. She said Connolly has also been in town a long time and would bring fresh blood to the council.

That so-called fresh blood is something Vail Homeowners Association Director Jim Lamont has criticized this election season for lacking. He wrote in his most recent homeowners association newsletter that the “dwindling of ‘new blood’ in Vail is not a good sign of a healthy political process where new ideas and perspectives are a valuable commodity.”

Of the seven candidates in this election, none of them arguably would have brought “new blood” to the council. There were just two candidates – Connolly and Rayla Kundolf – who had never served on council before, however both have served on the town’s Commission on Special Events and other town boards.

Whether voters want fresh blood or not can’t be determined by Tuesday’s results because fresh blood wasn’t on the ballot. Experience, however, did win, which the winners think speaks volumes.

Experience is something both incumbents, Rogers and Daly, said would matter in this election as they campaigned. Kurz and Moffet also touted their previous council experience as good reasons to vote for them.

“I think the voters obviously value experience,” Daly said.

It’s something outgoing Mayor Dick Cleveland is happy about, too. His top four picks for the incoming council all won a seat, and their experience is high on the list of reasons for why he thought they were the best choices.

“This is a good group of people, a good mix of talents, and there’s experience,” Cleveland said. “And so all the projects that are kind of in the middle – the conference center fund (projects, for example) – these things can get done, and with a council that’s experienced, it can happen quickly.”

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