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Damned if they do, and …

Don Rogers

The bottom-line lesson for Colorado mountain down district attorneys must be this: — Take unwinnable cases to trial, perhaps flub a few that sure look like they should go your way, get outsmarted by your “victim” in one of those overheated celebrity cases. Win re-election and continue down the same path to a grumble here and there.– Make the tough decision to plea bargain out or dismiss the unwinnable cases, and face a recall drive.In too tight of summary, that’s the tale of 5th Judicial District Attorney Mark Hurlbert and the neighboring 9th District’s new chief prosecutor, Colleen Truden, based in Glenwood Springs.Of course there’s more to the attempt to recall Truden. Half her deputies quit while bad-mouthing her after she declined to give them cost-of-living raises. She hired her husband to help install a new computer system that her respected predecessor, Mac Myers, decried as unnecessary. And she’s a former municipal judge who had never prosecuted a felony case in her life.Her management style and judgment displayed in hiring her husband to do the computer work whose need is questionable appear to be her big political problems of the moment. But dismissing a locally high-profile sexual assault case is listed as one of the primary reasons for a recall. If it goes to a vote, it will rise to the top of affronts, given that the office politics will be dismissed as such by the public, but the thought of their safety surrendered to an alleged predator. …We do give our DAs missions impossible, particularly with sexual assault cases. They are difficult to win, given their secret nature. Or career killers if not taken to trial, even on flimsy evidence. Vail, Colorado

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