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Dan Davidson brings his stand-up comedy show to Eagle’s Back Bowl

Caramie Schnell
Comedian Dan Davidson performs at Eagle's Back Bowl on Saturday.
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If you go ...

Who: Comedian Dan Davidson.

Where: The Back Bowl, Eagle.

When: 8 p.m. Saturday.

Cost: $15 in advance and $18 on the day of the show.

More information: Call 970-328-BOWL or visit http://www.thebackbowl.com.

EAGLE — Comedian Dan Davidson has opened for musical acts like The Wallflowers and Counting Crows. But that looks better in print than it feels in real life, Davidson said.

“Opening for big musical acts rarely goes great for comedians,” he said. “Audiences did not pay for a comedian opener and sometimes they will let you know, too.”

When comedians get together, they like to tell each other “war stories” about their opening gigs, Davidson said.

“We tend to try and out do one another with how bad they were,” he said.

No such stories will come out of tonight’s performance, when Davidson is the main act at The Back Bowl’s comedy series in Eagle for the first time. It’s a show that owner Joe Gonzalez has been looking forward to.

“We’d heard about Dan through our contacts at the Comedy Works, but he’s been a tough act to book because of his popularity and his schedule,” said The Back Bowl owner and general manager. “The stars finally lined up, and we jumped at the opportunity. We’re very excited to have him come to our stage.”

Davidson has appeared as a regular at some of the country’s most renowned clubs, such as The Improv, Funny Bones, Catch a Rising Star, Zanies and Denver’s popular Comedy Works. In addition to his stand-up work, Davidson has been featured on Comedy Central, Fox TV and numerous comedy showcases.

Davidson talked to the Vail Daily about his appearance in Eagle tonight, what it was like to get stranded in Kyrgyzstan and his least-favorite bumper sticker.

Vail Daily: What can people expect from your upcoming show at The Back Bowl?

Dan Davidson: I would say that people can expect to forget about everything for about an hour and a half. And to release a bunch of endorphins from all the laughter they will be doing.

VD: Tell me about a recent experience that was fodder for something you’ve written?

DD: I recently had my yearly physical … I’ll be talking about it tonight.

VD: You performed in the Middle East for some of the troops. When/where did you go and what can you tell us about the experience?

DD: The experience was incredible. And dangerous. Along with two other comics, I traveled to Kyrgyzstan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Emirates (Dubai, Abu Dhabi), Kuwait.

We almost didn’t make it out of Kyrgyzstan. Our handlers dropped us off at the airport and didn’t realize that we didn’t board our flight due to the fact that the airline we were flying on tried to bribe us. It was the first trip abroad for the other two comedians I was working with and they did not pack lightly. They both had two huge bags as if they were going on the Love Boat for a month. The airline had a weight restriction that my friends violated. The airline attendant quoted them (us) a price of $1,300 cash, no credit card! Guess who didn’t have that kind of money on them? Combined we might have had a few hundred. So, we were not allowed on the flight and we couldn’t use our phones to make any calls. It was obvious to all the locals that we were Americans (they assume that all Americans are millionaires … the huge suitcases didn’t seem to help). It was 5 a.m. and still dark outside so all the locals were trying to aggressively entice us outside so they could “help” us. After several hours of settling into our new home we saw an American walking through the airport … almost in slow motion, like a mythic figure. We attacked him like three little piglets feasting on the mother. He did save the day for us … long story, but yet lacking so many details.

VD: What do you like most and least about living in Denver?

DD: I’ve lived in Denver for four years now. (I) came here from Indiana and I absolutely love it here, like most transplants do, minus the San Franciscans (snobs). I don’t think there is anything that I don’t like about Colorado except the people driving the vehicles with the “NATIVE” bumper stickers.

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