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Dangerous path in Vail Valley

Robin Rudy
Vail, CO, Colorado

We have been walking the trail in Edwards for several years now, daily. I know the trail is for bicyclists and pedestrians alike. The past two summers, I’ve noticed that the bicyclists have become ever-increasingly inconsiderate.

They come storming up behind you, don’t say a cautionary word like “on your left” or “on your right” and whiz by. We do at times look behind to see if someone is coming, but not every second. Sometimes they scare the bejesus out of you.

I walk with my dogs, two small Shih Tzus. We have trained them so that if we say, “Bike,” they move to the right. The puppy is always on a leash. The older one, because of back surgery, shouldn’t be on one.

Today a bicyclist came up from behind us, my dog on a leash. She did not say a word, and I didn’t know she was there until my dog squealed. All she said was, “I didn’t get her. I didn’t get her,” and sped off. How bad was that? She didn’t see the dog limping, did she? Luckily she is OK.

Yesterday, again dog on leash, a dog without its owner came up to my dog pretty fast. My dog squealed out of fright, and the very large black dog attacked her. It took two people to get the dog off. I found out the dog is always out on its own.

I implore the cyclists to please say something and dog owners at least be out with your dogs. Thank you.

Robin Rudy


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