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David Duchovny’s ‘House of D’ … picking up the difference

Austin Richardson

VAIL – A touching coming-of-age story set in 1970s Greenwich Village, “House of D” explores emotional motivations spanning both age an intellectual capacity. On his son’s 13th birthday, American-expatriate Thomas Warshaw (David Duchovny) decides to explain to his French lover the details of his truncated youth. The catharsis is a result of his missing a birthday bike ride with his son, Odell.

The film explores letting go of the past and jumping into the future.Thirteen-year-old Thomas (Anton Yelchin) counts his mother’s tranquilizers to gauge her mood and sleeps under her bed, nursing a fledgling art career. Katherine Warshaw (Tea Leoni) is a nurse who is struggles to hold onto her precocious son after losing her husband. While being both son and husband to his mother, Thomas learns the basics of romance from Bernadette Odellia, a prisoner in solitary confinement played by Erykah Badu.

Mentally challenged “Pappass” is played brilliantly by a toothy Robin Williams. His challenges lie not only in delivering meat and being an assistant janitor at a Catholic School, but sadly also at home. Thomas and Pappass develop a unique relationship with each other’s “father face” allowing them access to untapped emotions.Strong cinematic images of lost faith found, loyalty and the moral lessons of life are liberally sprinkled throughout the story.

Vail, Colorado

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