Day of Gratitude workshop explores connections between neuroscience and yoga |

Day of Gratitude workshop explores connections between neuroscience and yoga

Shell Haley lectures and teaches classes in the community and the corporate world around the United States. She enjoys nature, music, reading, running, cooking and traveling.
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What: Day of Gratitude workshop, with Shell Haley.

When: 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Sunday, March 20.

Where: Yoga Off Broadway, 422 McIntire St., Eagle.

Cost: $25.

More information: Come prepared to take notes, practice yoga and practice yoga nidra. Call 970-328-YOGA to register, or visit

EAGLE — The latest neuroscience shows that gratitude is the fastest way to re-wire your brain, shifting you back into balance and harmony with life. Committing to gratitude not only allows you to live a more fulfilling life, it also creates a life full of possibility where there was none before.

On Sunday, local yoga instructor Shell Haley will lead a Day of Gratitude at Yoga Off Broadway in Eagle. This four-hour workshop will teach attendees how the brain works, how it impacts their lives and how to begin shifting their thinking and acting to master performance and life.

“Neuroscience actually proves that actions precede thought,” said Jonathon Clark, of Coriolis Consulting. Contrary to what we have thought for centuries, we are seeing how we can re-wire our brains to create futures unaffected by our pasts. Clark is an international business consultant to companies including American Express, Panera Bread, Mobil Oil, etc.

Recently, Clark worked with Haley, a 500-hour certified yoga and yoga nidra facilitator, bringing the latest neuroscience and yoga together. Science is proving what the swamis and yogis more than 5,000 years ago knew about how the mind functions, the impact of the mind on our life and how to preserve our energy, restoring our vitality and health.

Haley offers clear strategies to shift your thinking and acting, allowing you to find potential you never knew you had, peace, happiness and success. Experience how mindfulness and science impact our lives, changes your outlook and your life.

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