Dead-end give-away in Eagle |

Dead-end give-away in Eagle

Eagle Valley Enterprise
Vail, CO Colorado

EAGLE, Colorado – An Eagle Police officer was on patrol around 11 p.m. last week when he noticed a car headed down Chambers Avenue where it dead ends.

The car’s presence in the area, long after all businesses had closed, was enough to prompt the officer to follow the vehicle. The car turned around when it reached the dead end and continued on to an Eagle motel where two men exited the vehicle and proceeded to the lobby. The officer spoke with one of the men, who said he was checking into getting a motel room for the night.

While the men were inside, their car was still running and its lights were on. The officer approached the vehicle and noticed there were two females inside. He also spotted two cases of beer in the car.

When contacted, the women admitted they were under the age of 21, but they denied drinking any of the alcohol. The officer noted both women appeared to be telling the truth. Then one of their male companions returned. He admitted the beer was his and that he was under age. The officer directed the man to dump out all the beer and cited him for under age consumption and possession of alcohol.

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