Death in Iraq |

Death in Iraq

Alex Miller
Vail, CO Colorado

One of the people to die recently in Iraq was not a combat private or Marine grunt but a female public relations specialist. Plenty of journalists have died in this war, but this is the first we’ve heard of one of the Marines’ PR folks getting in the way of a roadside bomb.

Major Megan McClung was reportedly one of the highest-ranking officers to die in Iraq. (A major is above a lieutenant and just below a colonel.) This says two things: No one is safe over there, and it’s pretty rare for officers to get killed. Most of the casualties are borne by the lower echelons. With talk of sending more troops over there (Vietnam flashback, anyone?), how many more Americans need to die before we get our men and wome in uniform out of there? What are they accomplishing? Nobody seems to know.

Major McClung’s parents say she was doing what she believed in, that she believed in Iraqi freedom. We shouldn’t see it as a tragedy, they said.

But what’s more tragic than a vivacious, 34-year-old woman being killed in a foreign land for no apparent reason? And she’s one of almost 3,000 now …

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