Debbie Buckley: Her pitch for Eagle County commissioner |

Debbie Buckley: Her pitch for Eagle County commissioner

Debbie Buckley
Vail, CO, Colorado

The best way to learn about one’s community is to run for public office.

The hard-working and good people I have met have been very willing to share with me both what is right and what is wrong and needs to be changed. I would like to share with you a few of the stories that have touched my heart and strengthened my resolve to make a difference.

There has always been a soft place in my heart for the seniors in our community. I have worked for several years now as a volunteer at the senior center. In my casual talks with them and their families one thing is clear: We must expand our senior living options and we must do it now. Many of them fear that they will have to be shipped off to a different county when they need some assistance to live out their final years. The time for excuses has long passed. I will find a way to help out the people who we all owe so much to.

My opponent constantly trivializes the amount of money that we have to pay to the government in taxes.

While walking in Jon’s own neighborhood of Eagle Ranch, I found out just how great the impact of raising property taxes can be. This particular family had scrimped and saved to finally build their dream home.

As the kids were playing in the yard, I was told by the mother how their taxes had gone up over $150 per month. She was concerned that they would have to sell and move since they might not be able to afford the taxes.

I will stop the unnecessary spending at the county and show the other taxing entities how to reduce taxes.

Traffic is an issue that hurts our quality of life. Some of you may have seen me at intersections lately, waving my sign and asking for your vote.

I was astounded to learn that my opponent gave a green light to Eagle Ranch without demanding any traffic improvements. While they were stuck in those traffic jams, more than one person has asked me if I can help to fix this problem.

While on the Avon Town Council, we required developers to have a traffic mitigation plan so development did not hurt the quality of life for the current residents.

My answer to these motorists is I can and I will find a way to fix the traffic problems that have been left to us by short sighted politicians.

I have been listening to the people of Eagle County and they are ready for a commissioner who puts their concerns first. A commissioner who is not afraid to put major issues up for a vote.

A commissioner who will be an agent for change in Eagle County. The kind of positive change the people want. Not the kind of change the commissioners dictate to them.

I am ready to take the lead in truly making county government representative of the people. Join with me in restoring trust and building community in Eagle County.

Debbie Buckley is the Republican running against Democrat Jon Stavney for Eagle County commissioner

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