Debbie Buckley wrong as Eagle County commissioner |

Debbie Buckley wrong as Eagle County commissioner

Pavan Krueger
Vail, CO, Colorado

It has come to my attention that Debbie Buckley opposed the recovery of waste heat from the Avon Sewer plant at the last Water and Sanitation District meeting.

The position of opposing this innovative project is her latest demonstration of not being able to think out of the box about creative solutions toward making this valley better. Snowmelting is not an environmentally conscious thing to do on the whole. However, when it can be done as easily as in this case, with no additional cost to taxpayers, and actually improve the river, it’s a no-brainer.

If you’re not aware of this issue, the town of Avon came up with an ingenious plan to take warm water from the Avon sewer plant and use it in the new street snowmelt system in Avon.

Now is the time, as new infrastructure and streets are currently being constructed in town. The warm water is free, as it is a by

-product of water treatment. By running it under the streets of Avon, it can be cooled before it is put into the river, rather than sending warm water into the river, which degrades the fish habitat and river quality.

The project already received a $1.5 million state grant. It will improve efficiency of the sewer plant and reduce costs to taxpayers. It will improve fish habitat and river quality. And the town of Avon can set an example as a world leader in environmental stewardship

I’m looking for leaders who will protect the environment, save money for tax-payers and understand community values and needs.

Debbie Buckley is not the kind of representation we want and need. This is not the kind of thinking we need in our county commissioners

Jon Stavney has it right. We have evolved from a rough-and-ready ski bum community to a community driven by quality of life. Quality of life is the “product” that we protect, create and rely on to drive our economy

Our local businesses, and everyone in this valley, benefit from the tourism and associated industries that are fueled by this “product.”

Jon looks to the future realizing that everything from intelligent real estate development to environmental consciousness to innovative technologies to supporting our local work force together define our quality of life and the engine of our community.

Buckley’s position on the waste heat recovery strategy is but one small example of her misdirected values and plans.

Vote for Jon Stavney to keep the county on the right track

Pavan Krueger

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