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Deceit and deficit

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Deceit and deficitFor three years the President has used the events of 9/11 to justify his policies and explain his domestic failures.For three years he has asked us to trust his judgment in matters of war and peace.He has sent our soldiers to Afghanistan to root out al Quaeda and the Taliban; America and the world applauded and supported that effort.But he exploited our national unity and shifted the fight against terrorism to an unnecessary war in Iraq. One thousand American soldiers have paid the price of his adventurism; 7,000 others are maimed. About 12,000 Iraqi civilians have been killed (see ).And on the domestic front, the nation is in a major economic crisis:1. In 2004 alone, the record deficit is projected at $422 billion (Washington Post 9/7/2004 ). This will have serious repercussions for our children.2. Since 2001, 4.3 million Americans have been added to the poverty rolls, the total now at 36 million or 12.5% of all Americans. ( )3. Since 2001, 5 million Americans have lost their health insurance (total: 45 million Americans have no insurance).4. Since 2001, over 1 million jobs have been lost ( ).5. This year the President has pushed through Congress the largest military budget ever: $457 billion. On the surface this might seem like a good thing, more money to fight terrorism. But upon closer inspection the bill has pork rinds spilling out all over; it seems more like handouts to contractors than a strategic defense necessity. For example, the largest item in the 2004 military budget is the $9.1 billion missile defense system – stateless terrorists will not be launching ICBMs anytime soon! Most of the expenditures will go toward technology more appropriate for the cold war than the war on terrorism. And the bill does not include the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq (add another $391 Billion). ( )6. Again, the president exploited our national fears and national unity to provide the largest military-industrial corporations with the largest contracts ever, none of which addresses the new paradigm of terrorist wars. Our shores remain vulnerable and our first-reponders are grossly undermanned and ill-equipped.How long will the President use the events of 9/11 as an excuse for a failed domestic policy?Michael David MelioWestminster, Colo.Ferraro: I will bolster Avon’s prideIt was with tremendous enthusiasm and excitement that I announced my candidacy for Avon Town Council. I am running because I want Avon to realize its full potential as a livable, attractive and economically vibrant community. Avon has enviable qualities. We are located in a beautiful natural setting among the mountains and next to the Eagle River. We are on the doorstep of the world renowned Beaver Creek ski area and have recreational opportunities in every direction. The Avon Rec Center, Nottingham Park and the Avon Library are wonderful public amenities used by residents from throughout the valley.However, with so many positive attributes, Avon lacks a sense of place. Typical suburban land development patterns have left the Town disjointed and without any cohesive design quality. Many of Avon’s public spaces, including the richly streetscaped Avon Road, do not lend themselves as public gathering spaces. Avon’s roads and parking lots discourage walking and biking.I have my own ideas for revitalizing Avon, including: Redeveloping the shopping district near Avon Road to a mixed-use, urban village with tree-lined streets laid out on an urban grid Capitalizing on Avon’s proximity to Beaver Creek and the Eagle River Linking trails through the various neighborhoods to the town core, Nottingham Park, the library, the Rec Center and the Eagle River Preserving open space between Wildridge and Singletree and protecting the hillsides surrounding Avon from high impact development.It is important to note that this is only my vision. The first step to creating a sense of place in Avon is to construct a clear vision for Avon, incorporating the values and desires of the entire community. As an Avon Town Council member, my biggest priorities would be to involve all of the Town’s stakeholders in creating a shared vision for Avon, and then making this vision a reality.Creating and implementing this shared vision for Avon will take hard work, intelligence, creativity and an ability to deal with complexity on the part of the Avon Town Council. I want to be your representative on the Avon Town Council because I am up to the task, and because, in ten years, when my eight-year-old son goes out into the world, I want him to be able to say with pride that his hometown is Avon, Colorado.Kristi FerraroCandidate for Avon Town CouncilNottingham is the right choice for councilI support Tamra Nottingham Underwood for Avon Town Council for the following reasons:1. Tamra has a clear vision for Avon. She visualizes an Avon that attracts both visitors and residents to a new pedestrian-friendly town core offering a variety of entertainment, dining and shopping. An Avon partnering with our fellow communities to build something unique and attractive.2. Tamra wants to preserve the cultural heritage of Avon.3. Tamra supports working with the various governmental entities in the Valley to ensure our tax dollars are spent wisely and efficiently.4. Tamra looks forward to working with the Village at Avon to ensure future development fits within the Avon Master Plan and preserves Avon’s unique character.5. Tamra has deep roots in the Valley and a passion for doing not only the right things but doing things right.6. Tamra has the intelligence, integrity, honesty, and commitment to do what it takes to get the job done.Rarely has a person with Tamra’s background and experience elected to run for Avon Town Council. Avon needs more quality individuals like Tamra Nottingham Underwood. Please join me in supporting Tamra for Avon Town Council.Terry NolanAvonNottingham: I have a passion for my hometownI am pleased to be campaigning for a seat on Avon Town Council. I was raised in Avon and I am fortunate to be raising two of Avon’s fifth generation of Nottinghams here. I am running for Avon Town Council because I want to remain proud of Avon.Avon is not only ‘The Heart of the Valley,’ it solely possesses the advantage of being the world’s gateway to Beaver Creek. As an Avon Council member I plan to strengthen Avon’s relationship with Beaver Creek, Eagle County and the school district to enhance quality of life and maximize opportunities for Avon residents and businesses.Improving intergovernmental relations is just one issue on my mind. Ensuring fiscal responsibility, enhancing our small business climate, promoting sustainable growth, preserving open space and conserving Avon’s few remaining historical sites are among my priorities. Avon is facing a number of challenges and I am eager to apply my passion for my hometown in a positive way.Education is another important issue for me. I want Avon Elementary School to become the strongest school possible. I believe that the Town of Avon can assume a leadership role in helping our neighborhood school succeed. One simple idea is recognizing student and teacher excellence and parental volunteerism with Avon Recreation Center admission or some other town-affiliated reward. I also want to find ways that Avon can help redirect some of the school’s overhead expenditures back into the classroom and toward valued fundamentals including bettering children’s reading, writing and math skills.Avon is a community with great opportunity for remarkable success and homegrown pride. I want to contribute to Avon’s future. Please watch for me out on the campaign trail or drop me a line at underwoodavon@msn.comTamra Nottingham UnderwoodCandidate for Avon Town CouncilIt’s about timeAllan Nottingham may have been the last bred and born Avonite to sit on the Town Council of Avon. But now the citizens have an opportunity to install a new council person with the same thoughts and enthusiasm to promote the area as the elder. Most of you have learned by one means or another that Tamra Nottingham Underwood, a grand daughter of the original occupants of the upper Eagle River Valley, seeks a seat on the governing board of Avon.Tamra was introduced to life in Denver, the second daughter of Mauri and Nancy Nottingham. Except for her university years, Ms. Underwood has been a resident of Eagle County. During the ‘away’ time she acquired a bachelor’s degree in Finance at the University of Colorado followed by a law degree at George Washington University.We all know someone who has accomplished all of the above and more. A few have gone on to be known as CEO, Senator, Judge, etc. Others spent all of the funds available and have done nothing for others in the world, themselves included. Tamra does not sit, even on her own time. Since the conclusion of her formal education she has married Darien Underwood, local contractor, in 1991 and mothers two children. On the law side of things she has worked for long time local lawyer, John Dunn, ground out and interpreted legal documents for nine years in the employ of Vail Resorts and has done the same the past five years for Booth Creek Ski Holdings. Ms. Underwood finds time for physical recreation at most any time of the year. Winter sports began on Vail Mountain as soon as she decided what skis were for and that led to cross country and snowshoeing. Nowadays in her 41st year, her skiing grade on a scale of one to ten is probably nine. Summer months, when the snows have left the high mountains, she hikes to the base and the climbs the fourteeners. When Tamra has time she and her husband continue to remodel their ranch house built by her forerunners in 1908. The appropriate time for finishing this demanding and exciting endeavor is 2008.Right now Tamra studies the problems and advantages of the Town of Avon as she prepares to become a council member. No situation is too minor or too complicated; no person is above her in discussion or debate and she will listen and talk to anyone.Don’t you think you would like to have this totally capable lady working for you and our town? I do!Frank DollAvon resident for awhile

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