Deck envy and the long wait |

Deck envy and the long wait

For the reporters hanging around the Eagle County Justice Center’s parking lot waiting for something to happen, the two weeks between Kobe Bryant’s arrest and the time District Attorney Mark Hurlbert charged him was the longest expanse of time this side of a physics experiment.But it could have been much worse.Colorado law didn’t require Hurlbert to do anything official with the case until today, the day of Bryant’s first court appearance.District Attorney’s Office spokeswoman Krista Flannigan said Hurlbert wasn’t required to make any motions, file any charges or even hold his finger up in the wind to determine which way the wind was blowing until he walks into court today. Bryant will be in Eagle County Court at 4 p.m. today before Judge Fred Gannett, who denied a request from Bryant’s attorneys to waive today’s appearance.Hurlbert could have waited, Flannigan said, but the information would not have been any different and neither would his decision to file sexual assault charges.Deck envyJudge Gannett’s media decorum ruling last week booted the media off the courthouse lawn, forcing television crews to get pretty creative to secure their talking pictures.Between the time Gannett issued his ruling, and the time a torrential downpour hit later that afternoon – about the shortest expanse of time this side of a physics experiment – a couple of crews shot across Chambers Avenue to stake out territory along the sidewalk, sort of like an Eagle County version of the Oklahoma land rush. It looks a little like a high-tech squatters camp, but all the actual squatters have fabulous hair.Wait, it gets better.While local rental companies have hit something of a bonanza renting, delivering and constructing portable stages where television crews can set up, a couple have opted for a more permanent solution.CNN hired Wayne Conrad and his Bedrock Construction crew to build them a massive deck, which looks sort of like the frame and guts of a sailing vessel. It’ll withstand gale force winds.Our spies, who are everywhere, tell us that someone from NBC wandered down to the CNN deck, measured it, and hired Bedrock Construction to build them a bigger one.Tourist seasonThe entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well in Eagle.A couple Eagle motels rented rooms for $75 a night a few weeks ago. Now they’re up to $135 a night.Infamy rateThe Lodge & Spa at Cordillera has been mentioned in more than 300 newspapers in only nine days in July, usually as “posh,” “swanky,” and “exclusive.” The reason? That’s where, depending upon your point of view, Kobe Bryant committed adultery or adultery-rape.So, what does that do for the 56-room hotel where standard rooms rent for $325 a night? Marketing experts consulted by The Denver Post (July 16) mostly agreed that any news short of murder is good news:”It would cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, even millions of dollars, to achieve that kind of notoriety, said one Denver-based marketing consultant. A Beverly Hills-based branding expert for spas agreed. “In the big picture, this little problem is worth its weight in gold,” she said.However, a New York consultant who specializes in independent boutique hotels, said the case “will be a blip on the radar screen. Hotel reputations are built on other factors.”

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