Deep house hustles at Sanctuary |

Deep house hustles at Sanctuary

Andrew Harley

Through the jazzy lights, the moonlight ambiance and the grooving masses sharing Sanctuary’s dance floor tonight, the pulsing vibes can be traced to their sources – DJ Dotcom, Solution and Tortured Soul.

Tortured Soul totes a live deep house act around the nation in promotion of the entity’s debut full-length album, “Introducing Tortured Soul.”

Tortured Soul is the creation of drummer, singer and songwriter Christian Urich, and includes collaborations with keyboardist Ethan White and bassist Jason Kriveloff. Also on the album are remixes by Osunlade, Alix Alveraz and DJ Spinna.

DJ Dotcom (aka Peter Blick) delves into fubky house, dubby house, progressive house and breaks with some tracks also crossing into dub, funk, reggae and downtempo.

Solution (Scott Stoughton) is the creation of Blick and Stoughton and often performs with DJ Dotcom.

Solution and DJ Dotcom have featured gifted improvisators such as Carlos Washington, Mars Williams and Greg Warren.

DJ Dotcom spent three years producing shows at Whiskey Jacques in Ketchum, Idaho, playing set breaks for most. Some of the featured acts included Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe, Particle, Garaj Mahal, Culture, the Motet and Tony Furtado.

The three come together at Sanctuary in Vail tonight at 9.

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