Deep snow, stunning scenery and solitude |

Deep snow, stunning scenery and solitude

Kent Roberg

You don’t have to be a hardcore sled head to have the time of a lifetime touring the mountains on a snowmobile. Hundreds of miles of groomed trails wind through the mountains surrounding Vail. Guided and unguided tours are available ranging in length from one hour to full day excursions.

Popular destinations include the Gore Range, Camp Hale (the former training site for the famous 10th mountain division) and Vail Pass. Vail pass is accessible from interstate 70. A $5 daily fee is charged by the National Forest Service. Season passes are available for $35. Other scenic options include Shrine Pass and Tigiwon Cabin, both accessible from highway 24 outside Minturn.

Rentals and tours are available from a variety of local outfitters. Those unfamiliar with backcountry travel and avalanche awareness are best left in the hands of the many experienced local guides. For more information on rentals and local outfitters click the back button on your browser and search our local listings at the top of the page.

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