Deer head found at Obama Colorado campaign office |

Deer head found at Obama Colorado campaign office

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado ” Colorado Springs police say a deer head found in the parking lot of a Barack Obama campaign office is “a very disturbing event” that is being investigated as a threat.

“We’re certainly concerned that someone would do something so ridiculous,” said Lt. David Whitlock, a police spokeswoman. Whitlock said the deer’s antlers were cut off to make the head resemble a donkey, the Democratic Party’s emblem. Police said campaign volunteers found the head Saturday night.

Colorado John McCain spokesman Tom Kise called the incident “despicable.”

“Hopefully, we can continue to have a constructive dialogue and not have it digress into this hate speech,” Kise said.

Police said they have no suspects. Whitlock said police will increase patrols around the city’s campaign offices before next Tuesday’s elections.

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