Defend yourself against allergies |

Defend yourself against allergies

Ryan Slabaugh

If you’ve hiked, camped or just plain been outside and started sneezing and blotting your watering eyes, you have allergies. The dry air allows the allergens to stay afloat longer – invading the mucus membranes and making life, temporarily, miserable.

“Whenever it’s dry and whenever we have an early spring, we’ll have a bad allergy season,” said Dr. Casey Strahan M.D, who owns a practice in Vail. “The trees bloom early and a lot of people are allergic to trees. We’re seeing more and more cases.”

Strahan’s busy season is usually late June and July, but this year, he saw patients with allergy problems as early as late April. He does offer some solutions.

First of all, for those with prescriptions for antihistamines, take them before you step outside. That way, Strahan said, you’re body is well defended before the allergen attack.

If you want something less strong, a simple saline nasal spray will work as well. The salt water will clean out the bits of pollen and dust that cause your nose or eyes to twitch. To make your own saline spray, mix 1/4 teaspoon salt with eight ounces of water and a pinch of baking soda. It will be a calm solution that can be applied to the nostril or eyes.

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