Defense files flurry of subpoenas |

Defense files flurry of subpoenas

Eagle health club records of Kobe Bryant’s alleged rape victim are the latest target of defense attorneys.

The Best Western Eagle Lodge and Suites were served a subpoena requesting records of when the alleged victim signed in to use the facilities at the hotel’s health club. The subpoena also asked for the health club records of the alleged victim’s high school boyfriend.

Bryant’s defense attorneys Pamela Mackey and Harold Haddon are requesting those records, including sign-in logs from Jan. 1, 2003, to Sept. 4, 2003.

Best Western manager-owner Glen Lowe was bemused about being served with a subpoena. He said that since the subpoena surfaced, he has faced questions from every sort of reporter covering the Bryant sexual assault allegations.

Those questions included his favorite, at least so far, when someone asked how often Bryant comes to the Best Western’s health club.

“It’s nobody’s business how often Kobe uses our club,” Lowe wise-cracked.

Besides the best Western, Bryant’s attorneys issued subpoenas to undisclosed people at the Vail Police Department, the Eagle County Sheriff’s Office and the Resource Center of Eagle County, which operates a crisis hotline.

Vail spokeswoman Suzanne Silverthorn said their subpoena seeks police records.

Bryant’s attorneys’ also subpoenaed the alleged victim, requesting that the court make her appear at the Oct. 9 preliminary hearing. District Attorney Mark Hurlbert asked the court to quash that subpoena, as did her attorney, John Clune.

Defense attorneys also issued subpoenas for the alleged victim’s medical records from the Northern Colorado Medical Center, the University of Northern Colorado’s Student Health Services center, and the Eagle Valley Medical Center in Eagle. Hurlbert asked the court to quash those subpoenas, as well.

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