DeLay tars GOP cause |

DeLay tars GOP cause

Don Rogers

Republican House Majority Leader Tom DeLay threatens to become the next Jim Wright, the Democrat who brought his party’s house down 15 years ago.It seems bigger than life symbols for what’s wrong in American politics turn on Texas.Wright, the speaker of the House at the end of the long Democratic run, stood for the kind of corruption that helped turn voters to the Republicans.DeLay, believe it, may well send this pendulum the other way if GOP partisans keep overplaying their hand to protect him.The heavy-handed enforcer needs to face the ethics complaints against him straight up. No firing the Republican Ethics Committee chairman and others who chastised him. No more rule changing to avert investigations into his activities. No more caving to his worst king-making instincts.If anything, the Republicans ought to make an example of the conservative who makes a show of his biblical values yet displays a lawyer’s penchant for loopholes in his ethics.Maybe the elephant’s memory has failed. But as we recall, the Republicans took over Congress to clean up politics as usual, in addition to ending the absurd spending of the Democrats then in power.Turns out these days, they haven’t managed to rein in spending. And politicos like DeLay look no better than Wright, only more sanctimonious. Vail, Colorado

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