DeLay’s leaving – good! |

DeLay’s leaving – good!

Alex Miller

What a welcome relief to see Tom DeLay do the right thing (for once) and resign from Congress.Red or blue, GOP or Dem, how could anyone have thought it was a good idea to have The Hammer stick around for a 12th term in Congress? With one scandal piling atop another and that annoying and laughable insistence that he was merely the innocent target of partisan attack, DeLay represented the quintessential unapologetic politician. This is a man for whom the retention and consolidation of power was more important than anything resembling personal or political integrity.If you’re a Republican, you’ve got to be cheering the departure of this liability on the party. Even though DeLay amazingly won his primary, it seems pretty clear that the powers that be in the GOP made it clear he wasn’t particularly welcome in the club anymore. For Democrats, it’s actually more of a loss, as DeLay perfectly embodied the part of the GOP that many Americans found most despicable. But they’ll find someone new to hate.Moving forward, let’s not let DeLay hang around post-Congress. Groups, don’t pay him 10 grand to speak at your convention; publishers, don’t give him 5 million for his memoirs. K Street, we know you won’t be able to help yourselves and will no doubt put him on the payroll. But at least we all know now who and what he is. We can be on the lookout.Vail, Colorado

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