Dem leaders do country a disservice |

Dem leaders do country a disservice

According to official White House statistics published BEFORE 9/11, over a thousand potentially credible threats are received on a daily basis. Every single day of the week, every week of the month, every month of the year – especially over the last decade or so – the U.S. government is threatened with violence at some level.

Just three weeks ago we were warned of a “credible” threat against an “American bank.” Does this mean they intend to fly a hijacked airliner into the vault or simply barge in the front door wearing Osama masks and screaming pro-Palestinian slogans while pretending not to understand English and shooting anyone that asks a question?

Both scenarios are possibilities, yet all banks remain open.

But if something did happen, are the Democrats going to wait a few months and then demand an investigation delving into whether or not the Bush administration could have done anything to prevent the tragedy?

Not only this nonsense, but the donkey-lovers are claiming impropriety over the Republican Party’s use of a photo taken on 9/11, saying it is profiteering at the expense of a national tragedy. Republicans say it is simply a dramatic shot of a president doing his job during a job-defining moment, a job whose description had just taken a drastic turn during the leader’s first year in office.

Do you think the donkey-breaths would like to sell a photo of Bubba defining his entire eight-year reign of self-indulgent terror?

How about a high resolution digital shot of President Clinton’s Executive Desk in the Oval Office with the chair pulled out slightly from behind with a blue chiffon dress draped elegantly over the back and a three-quarter burned Cuban dangling precariously over the edge, ashes threatening to drop onto the executive rug?

Maybe it’s just me, but that certainly sums his term up in my eyes.

These avaricious nutcases are actually implying that the Bush administration knew the details beforehand and purposely did nothing to stop it. Have Tom Daschle, Richard Gephart and that NYC fortress of good taste known as Hillary Clinton taken down their flags as some type of party-rationalized yet perverted show of patriotism?

These pathetically pitiful political plays promoting power pulls carry as much weight as Darva Conger pleading for us as a nation to allow her to return to her simple life as a nurse just after marrying a stranger on TV and then posing for Playboy just before stepping into the ring with the former Soviet Union’s little bundle of testosterone-filled feminism, Olga Korbut on Fox’s “Celebrity Boxing” tomorrow night.

Talk about looking for a haystack in a Mile High Stadium full of needles.

Why don’t we open up an inquiry into Roosevelt’s actions before Pearl Harbor?

Let’s open up a congressional inquiry into the National Weather Service, which obviously had beforehand knowledge of the storm in the Midwest but evidently chose to ignore the possibility of the tornado killing those folks in Ohio. Someone should pay.

The latest earthquake in San Francisco – just what did the government know about fault lines that they didn’t tell us?

Every photo ever taken of any Kennedy and published for profit should be burned. Same for Dwight David Eisenhower and all those photos of him during WWII. If it was used for political profit or gain, burn it. How dare someone use a photograph for memories.

Not that he would remember, but just what exactly did President Reagan know before 1983’s Marine barracks bombing in Lebanon or the American Embassy exploding in Beirut in 1984? How about Clinton during 1993’s bombing of the WTC and then sending troops to die in Somalia? And the U.S. Embassies in Tanzania and Kenya in 1998 and the USS Cole in Yemen back in 2000?

Just last Thursday it was announced that over 9 tons of sodium cyanide, the stuff that eats through skin like Idi Amin and dissolves the lungs right after the tongue, was stolen in Mexico City. Mexican police say it is “unlikely” that the robbers would use it in any kind of terrorist attack in the United States.

Most of us are intelligent enough to understand that the potential exists, yet what if, just IF, two months from now there is an attack in the subway of a major U.S. city using sodium cyanide and thousands are killed?

Will these self-righteous twits in D.C. demand an inquiry into what was known beforehand?

To imply President Bush and his administration knew that 19 hijackers from the Middle East planned to fly four commercial aircraft into four American landmarks on 9/11/2001 makes as much sense as saying Jimmy Carter’s “Habitat For Insanity” tour of Cuba last week will cause Castro to rethink the positive nuances of democracy.

Those who can’t handle the present and fear the future are doomed to living a life of 20/20 hindsight viewed through a rose-colored rearview mirror.

We are a nation at war and a country under attack. Democrat leaders should be ashamed.

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