Democratic candidate Cary Kennedy must be Colorado’s next governor (letter) |

Democratic candidate Cary Kennedy must be Colorado’s next governor (letter)

When you fill out your ballot for next month’s primary, you’re going to be making a decision about the future of our great state. We are at a crossroads as a state and our next governor will help set the trajectory for Colorado’s future. I believe that Cary Kennedy is the best candidate to help guide us to the future for the following reasons:

First, Cary’s top priority is education and ensuring that all of Colorado’s children have the opportunity to succeed and are able to reach their potential. Cary believes that every kid in Colorado needs a great educator. She knows that this is especially true in hard to staff subjects or geographic areas. Cary wants our eductors to be paid as professionals. Through her plan, Cary wants to make sure that every Colorado student, by the age of 19, regardless of where they live and how much their family makes, is ready for higher education, a career, or both.

Second, Cary wants Colorado to have the cleanest air in the country, and will work to transition our state to clean, renewable energy as fast as possible. Cary’s plan also includes protecting Colorado’s treasured water for the future, especially in the face of rapid growth, so that Colorado’s families have clean drinking water and Colorado’s rivers stay healthy. She will also prioritize protecting our public lands from development, especially in the face of growth.

Third, as governor, Cary will make sure health care is accessible and affordable. She has proposed a public option for all Coloradans. We have made great strides in covering everyone, but need to make sure that everyone across the state, especially in rural parts of Colorado, has access to high-quality, affordable health care. Cary’s plan will lower premiums by increasing competition and choice in the marketplace.

And finally, Cary has a track record of fiscal responsibility. As State Treasurer, she kept the state on solid financial footing during the Great Recession when companies and governments across the country were having massive financial issues. Additionally, under her leadership as CFO, Denver was recognized as one of the best financially-run cities and the best city in the country to do business. Cary has shown that she will protect Colorado’s money and manage it safely and prudently and Colorado will benefit from this executive and financial experience.

For these, and countless other reasons, I believe that Cary Kennedy represents the best and only choice for Coloradans who want to keep our state beautiful while helping all Coloradans live healthy and happy lives. Join me in voting for Cary Kennedy this June and we can help make Colorado’s future even brighter than our past!

Lisa Katze-Fanger


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