Democrats more responsible in Eagle County |

Democrats more responsible in Eagle County

Dick Brooks
Eagle County, CO, Colorado

Who do the local Republican candidates represent?

Dick Gustafson says the current crisis has its roots in the Carter administration in his Wednesday editorial. Sorry, Dick, but the sad facts are that the national debt has quintupled under the Ronald Reagan, George Bush and the George W. Bush administrations.

These three Republican administrations have increased our debt five times as much as the other 40 presidents combined. This fiscal irresponsibility was combined with regulatory irresponsibility by these administrations. This is the root cause of the current crisis.

Dick Gustafson, Ali Hassan and Debbie Buckley all said that they would lower county property taxes and that the TABOR amendment would require voter approval to increase them again. Who really benefits from this? Sixty-three percent of these savings would go people residing outside of Eagle County. Banks that have foreclosed on residences and real estate speculators would also disproportionately benefit.

Can anyone recall the $700 billion bailout? Everyone agrees that local revenues from sales taxes will decline. Revenues may decline from lower property values and taxes, as well.

While no one will ever completely agree with all the spending decisions by any government or agency, the Republicans’ bankrupt tax-cut promise will eliminate many options or opportunities in the future for the residents of Eagle County. They will disproportionately benefit nonresident property owners, banks and real estate speculators. If you live here but don’t own property, the Republicans certainly don’t represent you.

Our local Democrats, Peter Runyon and John Stavney, as well as Ken Brenner for state Senate and Christine Scanlan for House District 56, have a history of working to solve real, on-the-ground problems faced by the public and local governments. These Democrats represent the public interest, now and for our future.

The local Democrats deserve your vote.

Dick Brooks


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