Democrats supporting White |

Democrats supporting White

How important will leadership be in the coming months?

Everyone now realizes the events of the last three months, and most notably the last three weeks, and have focused our attention on the very real need to cross party lines in an effort to rebuild the American economy. What may be less obvious is the affect recent events will have at the state level. This same bipartisan leadership will be critical for the survival and viability of a strong Colorado economy. With the upcoming election, we will have a unique opportunity to assure the future success for our children. Sound fiscal practices and balanced decisions will calm our fears and lead us beyond the present difficulties.

For residents of Colorado Senate District 8, the choice for leadership is a simple one. A single candidate has proven time and again his ability to successfully reach across party lines on issues such as education, economic stimulus, funding for the developmentally disabled, affordable housing, open space, and private property protection.

His name is Rep. Al White.

From our days as owners of the Inn at Steamboat, we experienced first hand Rep. White’s efforts to secure $20 million in tourism funding ensuring the viability and survivability of the region’s economy.

As the former president of the Steamboat Springs Board of Education, I had the pleasure of working with Mr. White to invest in the future of our children. His efforts resulted in an additional $4 million to the Steamboat School District alone, providing higher salaries to reward our venerable district staff for their tireless efforts. During his tenure on the Colorado Joint Budget Committee Rep. White championed support for the developmentally disabled, a topic near and dear to our hearts.

It is these efforts and the nearly 50 bills passed in his seven-year term as a Colorado representative, which demonstrate Al White’s ability to transcend partisan politics. Whether a member of a Democratic or Republican controlled legislature, Al will get the job done.

More than ever, the state of Colorado will require leadership from individuals who are of a sound fiscal mind. Those persons must be experienced, willing to make tough decisions while still appreciating our commitment to our children and those who need help the most.

We must ask ourselves is the best candidate for these times the individual who has served on the State Joint Budget Committee or the alternative.

As U.S. citizens, we reserve the right to support the “best candidate” for election. As Democrats, we treasure the opportunity to support a Republican as the next Colorado State Senator, District 8.

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