Dems being deliberate about filling seat |

Dems being deliberate about filling seat

EAGLE, Colorado – Several local Democrats wasted no time in throwing hats in the ring for an upcoming opening on the Board of Commissioners.

County Commissioner Jon Stavney was selected as Eagle’s new town manager. He will leave the commissioner job July 1.

Until he does, Democrats won’t even start looking for his county commissioner replacement, said Pat Hammon, chairperson of Eagle County’s Democratic party.

“We have been through this with other seats and we want to make sure this process is open and transparent,” Hammon said.

Stavney is a Democrat, so Eagle County’s Democratic Party gets to appoint his replacement on Eagle County’s Board of Commissioners.

Stavney has been riding herd on several county projects, including a senior care facility.

“There are some projects I’d like to see further along, but with the department directors and staff we have in place, it’s like handing over a well-oiled machine,” Stavney said.

Hammon said she had fielded more than a dozen and a half phone calls, ranging from people testing the waters to those ready to dive in head first. She counseled patience for those interested.

Once the vacancy committee does get started selecting Stavney’s replacement, candidates will need a letter and resume, and will be answering several questions.

“We’ll vet people very carefully,” Hammon said.

Local Democrats have been through this before. They appointed Michael Gallagher to replace James Johnson when Johnson resigned from the Board of Commissioners.

Some of those same Democrats were on the vacancy committee that appointed Millie Hamner to replace Christine Scanlan in Colorado’s state House of Representatives. Scanlan resigned just weeks after she won re-election.

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